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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Not sure anyone will actually see this post as I have been off the map for about a year now.  Going through a mid-life crisis at the ripe old age of 35, fast approaching 36.  I have returned to my teenage and twenty-something roots and am dressing a whole lot differently these days.  My new store is Free People.  Thus, my two walk in closets bursting with Anthropologie clothing need to go.

So, please peruse the blog and make me a reasonable offer on my items.  I will generally sell the tops for around $25/shipped for basic styles and around $40-$50 for sweaters, skirts, or dresses.

Here are some of my offerings...  Lots more available.  You can contact me directly at

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reviews! Last set for now...

I am feeling really lazy with the blog recently but I'm committed to getting these reviews out for ya girls so here is my last set for a bit...

I am wearing my usual size XS here and find the fit to be true to size.  This is such a pretty pattern on this lounge cami, don't ya think?  Of course it is shear so if you plan on venturing out of the house I suggest layering a cami underneath.  You can see just how sheer the top is by looking at the bottom.  It is very comfortable, light weight, and made of my favorite fabric - cotton.  I plan on picking this up if it hits sale.  I like that it will work under blazers for the fall and be a great casual weekend top next summer.


So, this is what happens when I wait too long to put my reviews together.  Things disappear from the website and I cannot remember brand or price.  I do know I put on a size small.  I really liked this top and think it works great for an easy weekend look with skinny jeans.  I guess the best I can say about this top is that I like it and would buy it for the right price.  Sorry I can't give a better review...

Apparently if you want a super cute, whimsical sweater from Anthro these days you better be prepared to dig deep in your wallet.  Recession, wha?  This sweater is a blend of mostly non-synthetic materials but I still think the price should be around $120.  As you can see it's super cropped and close fitting.  I chose the small here which isn't necessarily sizing up for me since I sometimes go with a small in cardigans and sweaters.  I would stick with your usual size unless you waffle between sizes and in that case I suggest the larger size.  The sweater is soft, super cute, but also really limited due to the memorable pattern.  I won't be picking this sweater up but would recommend it on sale.

I chose a size 2 in this blazer.  It is such a beautiful blazer, well constructed with lovely details.  I don't like that the lining is polyester but that seems all too normal these days.  The fit looks spot on in the pictures but in reality it was too small.  Very tight across the back shoulder area with little room to move my arms comfortably.  I would have to size up to a four in this and would probably end up with a boxy look.  I'm thinking this will end up on second cut in some stores so hold out if this isn't a must have.

This is a Corey Lynn Calter sweater so I sized up but think I could have gone with an XS.  Not sure why they designed it with a cotton-rayon blend, I would have preferred cotton-wool or cotton-silk.  I guess then they would have doubled the price... It's  a pretty sweater and felt soft on but I don't think it would work in my wardrobe so well.

First, how fug are those pants the model is wearing???  Maybe I'm just falling behind in the fashion times, I dunno but good luck to Anthro moving those above a $10-$20 price point... I'm wearing an XS in the sweater.  It is completely synthetic but hand washable so maybe not too bad if you plan on wearing it in the fall.  I like the pink version but don't have green in my sweater collection so I tried this one out.  It is nice and I think could be very versatile while still maintaining a semi-special quality with the metallic threads.  Too bad it is too delicate to wear with a necklace; this one needs it and I wouldn't want to risk the constant snagging so passing on this one.

I chose the 2 in this all cotton top by Meadow Rue.  It fit well, while being ever so slightly loose.  I like the material, the length, the one-sided ruffle, but after seeing the pattern in person didn't really like that.  The top is machine washable too so that is a plus.  If you like the pattern I think this is a great top to pick up and the price isn't too bad.

If you missed my earlier reviews here is review set one and review set two.