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Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Reviews!

Ok, on to round 2 of my reviews.  My last set can be found here.

I am wearing a size small in the Pindot shirt because my store didn't have any XS on the floor.  I would definitely need an XS for proper fit.  I love the barely there pin dots on this chambray shirt; it is what makes the top special.  However, my new improved fiscally responsible self says that if you need a chambray shirt in your wardrobe a $20 version from a cheap store should suffice.  I love the relaxed feel of the top and the super soft Tencel fabric which is really fabulous.  I found tucking in to be a bit of a problem since this top is so oversized.  I wonder if my proper size may help?  Definitely recommend you try this top on if you don't mind the inflated price tag for what you get.  

Of course Anthropologie has to execute a top that is different from their model shot.  Why would they actually give you something as cute?  I have button ups with interesting prints on the inside cuff and I think it shows way better on an elbow length cut sleeve like the model top.  So it's really disappointing when the real life version isn't the same.  I'm wearing the top rolled up like the model shot and look, no cute print.  :(

I'm wearing my usual size 2 and feel the fit is right.  Perhaps a wee big but if I sized up the arms would be too snug so I would stick with this size.  I like the back in theory but I don't think it translates well, at least it didn't in the dressing room.  Maybe a good press would solve the problem?  The top in white is completely sheer and requires an under layer which is fine for cooler months but that means you couldn't wear this top in the summer which is a shame.  

Another issue?  Oh, yes and it's a biggie.  This top is dry clean only.  It's cotton so I don't know why and if I owned it I'm sure I would throw it in the wash on handwash cycle; but then I'm risking ruining this shirt.  This top is a pass for me.  

I really, really like this sweater from Line (is this a new Anthro brand?).  It is a cotton-nylon-silk blend and dry clean only which is understandable looking at the construction.  I love this shade of green and think that it would work really nicely right into fall.  I also think this would look great layered over a long sleeve tee, shirt, or dress.  It is relaxed, comfortable, and has all those special details I look for in my clothes.  My only fear would be wearing a necklace because of snagging possibilities and since this is a plain top I would really want to wear a necklace.  I am wearing an XS in this sweater and think it fit just as it should.  I recommend this sweater but must be getting super cheap because I still think $60 is too high.  

I chose the XS in this dress and think it fit me like a glove.  I adore this dress and adore the green color. Green is my favorite color and this shade is almost the exact shade that makes my heart swoon.  I think this dress would work as a year round dress depending on how you style it.  I think a blazer would look fantastic with it and while it needs a belt (in my opinion, at least) I think it would work with a lot of different belts to create different looks.  Sparkly belt and strappy shoes = special occasion; leather belt and pretty pumps = sophisticated chic (add a blazer and I think this would be work appropriate).  I don't have the need for another semi-dressy dress right now so I'm not feeling the need to buy, but I do think it is super flattering and definitely recommend if your in the market for a versatile dress that you can wear to many functions.

I still have one more round to go so I will get to those really soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Found my way into Anthropologie for some fitting room reviews.  Left empty handed, 'cept for these reviews for ya'll.  As a reminder I am 5'6.5", 120'ish pounds, have a long torso, small waist, round rear, small hips, and overall a petite build.  I am usually a size 2.  

Here is a polyester blend dress from Maeve.  I am wearing a size 2 and felt like it could work but it was a bit loose overall.  I would like to try on a size 0 to determine best fit.  The dress is a pretty heavy weight fabric with a full skirt and in my opinion really needs something to break up this busy print.  The belt I have on is probably to thin and I recommend doing a more substantial belt.  Totally not my style so a pass for me.  

 This dress is much more my style and the fit was a whole lot better too.  I took my usual size 2 and like the little detail of smocking in the back to ensure a nice fit.  I captured a photo in my last pic.  The lace is a pretty detail while being good and sturdy at the same time.  The skirt lets this dress be as casual as you like since it is denim.  I'm just a bit surprised at the release time since I feel like this dress should have come out in the spring instead of fall.  White lace doesn't say fall at all to me, ya know?

 This dress has some major pluses.  It is machine washable in cotton (although with the dreaded polyester lining), has pockets, and has enough details to keep it interesting while being plain enough to play around with a lot of different looks.  I like this dress but don't think it will work for me with fall coming on so quickly so if it is hanging around and I've got $70 burning a hole in a my pocket I may pick it up.

Not willing to let the little hippy in me die while trying to FINALLY embrace the skinny jean/loose top trend I tried on the City cousin blouse with the Pilcro blue denim jeans.  

First the top.  I like it.  I'm wearing a size XS and felt it fit the way it should; notice it is slightly longer in the back which I guess is great when you are basically wearing leggings and should cover your arse, but I really like my backside and don't want it covered so not so much a plus for me.  The top is sheer-of course- so you see it worn with a camisole underneath.  It is a linen-cotton blend so decidedly summer; if you like this top I would expect it to hit sale sooner than later so wait it out is my advice.  

Now the pants.  They feel like leggings.  I like my jeans to feel like jeans so right off the bat I wasn't a fan.  I am wearing the 26 and while they are tight in the photos, this ain't my first rodeo so I know they will stretch out to a proper fit within hours of wear.  Pilcro is notorious for stretching so always buy jeans from Pilcro that feel like you should size up when trying them on.  Trust me.  I've made the mistake of sizing up one too many times and always regretted it.  The jeans are a cheaper option to the AGs and they don't give me flat butt but at the same time $100 for colored skinny jeans is way too much when you can find this style at any old brick and mortar for next to nothing.  Pass.

Check out this affordable option from Anthropologie's skirt selection this fall.  It's a linen cotton blend, machine washable, and adorned with a whimsical print of chairs.  At first I was annoyed by the belt when dressing, but then realized it is a blessing as it is the only thing keeping this skirt up.  There are two snap buttons to help, but really snap buttons ain't gonna hold up your skirt for long!  This skirt would be a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen without the belt and still may allow for a good flashing since that fabric could easily be whipped up by a good wind gust or getting caught on something.  As for fit I agree with an online reviewer who reported it as TTS to a little small.  I am wearing a size 2 and could probably go for a size 4 which would allow for better tucking in of tops and give a bit more length.  Though for a shorter skirt I don't mind this length.  It's a pass for me because I'm experiencing an identity crisis and want to quit my quirky print obsession but I wouldn't be surprised if I grabbed it for $40 come sale time.

I've got more reviews to come but I'm gonna stop here for today.  Hope this helps someone!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Leahi Shrug + Eyeleted Corset + City Safari

I am wondering lately if I have been falling behind in the times keeping with my retro, feminine look.  Seems to me that our current trends have decidedly moved away from the lovely retro look I adore.  I really want to keep current.  I don't want to be one of those middle aged women who gets stuck in a decade of fashion and can't move forward.  So todays outfit is me trying to do a more current look.  I think I'm doing it well though I suppose my shirt should be ill-fitted and asymmetrical to truly be on trend.  My best asset is my thin waist and petite upper half so I really am not enjoying all the skinny jeans with big tops; it is pointing out my least favorite body parts.  

 I have felt a need to overhaul my wardrobe.  I finally finished unpacking my closets.  I went from taking up most of the closets in my old house to having two walk-in closets in my new house.  Poor hubby was relegated to two small closets in two different bedrooms.  Sorry hun, but I really needed a cool-weather closet and a warm weather closet.   Anyhoo, back to my point.  In unpacking and organizing (down to the color) I realized I have mentally outgrown most of what I put away.  This spring I had already unloaded a good size closet worth of clothing but I still have a ton of warm weather clothing I will need to sell next spring and even more cold weather clothing I will need to start measuring and photographing for resell.  It is a daunting task but it is time.  Plus, once I sell off my clothes I get shopping money. :)

Outfit Details - All Anthropologie:
Sweater: Leahi Shrug
Top: Eyeleted Corset Top
Belt: City Safari Belt
Jeans: J Brand Crops
Shoes: Chie Mihara

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Retro Beauty. What I'm Lusting Over.

I have posted before about Shabby Apple.  I love the fit of the dresses I tried and kept.  They have a very fitted, feminine look with a retro vibe that I adore.  Materials aren't always the best quality (synthetics) but they make up for it in the attention to detail and fit.

I got an email today for their new fall collection, Zoology, and I am smitten with this wool-blend dress. I am out of shopping money for the time being but I would love to get this dress with a code and some cash when I save some.

Let me assure you Shabby Apple doesn't pay or send me free anything for blogging about them.  I write about what I like. :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some Heavy Thoughts and Another Skirt OOTD

I am seriously trying to curb my spending these days as the recession has caught up with my family in full force this year.  We have been so blessed for so long that I cannot even complain; our savings will tide us over for awhile.  So, I haven't been browsing the Anthropologie sight too much and have avoided the store altogether.  I would love to get some reviews though so I will try to venture in-store soon.  

As many of you are doing, I am trying to embrace the beauty of my clothing collection and wear all the pretty things I already own.  I would never do an all-out shopping ban though; I am fond of eBaying my clothing so that keeps a bit of flow to my clothes fund.  However, I really need to make sure I don't reach into pocket to pay for anything.  

I gotta say I am really, truly sick of this economy and how it has affected so many people I know.  Living in a suburb of NYC our neighbors are heavily dependent on the financial market and we all know how greatly that has suffered over the years.  A lot of people think that people who work in the financial district are fat-cats getting rich off the backs of ordinary people.  Let me assure you that is not true at all; with the exception of certain executives in certain corporations, the men and women who work in the financial district are ordinary people who get paid fair living wages; they live in the same neighborhoods as teachers and postal workers and tradesmen.  The bonuses you hear about them receiving every year are their pay; that is built into their salary and without it they cannot pay their bills. It really bothers me that people don't understand the reality of the Wall Street workers; they are like you and me making a normal middle class living and right now there is a lot of financial pain in my neck of the woods.  So many people out of work and nowhere to find it.  

My husband and I own our own company and our biggest stress is our workers; we don't have enough work for them to pay their bills and feed their families.  My husband is so incredibly stressed that if we can't get them work they will starve, yet we are doing the best we can trying to hussle and bring in the work.  You can only do so much and it greatly saddens me that it isn't enough.  

So, there you have it, the reason I've been depressed lately.  There is so much joy in my children and gathering with friends and family, but reality is hard to turn away from when it is hurting everyone around you.  

After all that I feel almost silly posting an outfit picture but since this is a fashion blog, that's what's it's really about!
Outfit details:
Top: Loosened Shelby Blouse
Skirt: Weave the Ring
Belt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Chie Mihara

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Hummingbird and Giraffes (OOTDs)

 I go through periods where I only want the same thing.  I once ate veggie pot pies for dinner six months straight.  I recently went through a dress fixation and am currently into wearing only skirts.  Here are a couple of recent outfits.

I am wearing the Miroslav skirt in the first picture.  I first saw this skirt on Roxy here.  I-of course-had to have it since it is all sorts of whimsical and luckily didn't have to wait too long before it popped up on eBay and I won it.  I wore it not too long ago with another eBay find here.  I think next time I would go with a more saturated top as I'm not sure my Puckered Scoopneck is popping as much as I would have wanted.  I will use the excuse that I am STILL unpacking my closets and nothing is organized right now so I don't have full views of all my tops for outfit considerations.  Sometimes you just have to grab whatever you find, ya know?

 Outfit Details:
Top: Anthropologie Puckered Scoopneck
Skirt: Miroslav (size down if you pick this up second hand)
Shoes: Chie Mihara Key Lime sandals
Belt: Anthropologie Leaps and Bounds Belt
Hair Accessory: Anthropologie

Next up I'm wearing my Giraffe skirt.  This is another eBay find.  It took me a couple of years to acquire this skirt and I am happy to have yet another whimsical, animal-oriented piece of clothing in my collection.  I am pretty much smitten with fun animal prints and am grateful to have Anthropologie to feed my obsession.  I also wore this skirt earlier this summer in this post.  I am not afraid to go all out saccharine in my outfits so pairing pink and lavender is perfectly ok in my book. Plus, my belt pulls it all together since it is all sorts of pastel colors mixed in with tan stripes.

Outfit Details:
Top: Anthropologie Gathering Top
Skirt: Giraffe skirt by Odille (size down if you pick this up second hand)
Belt: Anthropologie Rainbow Connector Belt
Shoes: Cheap and Chic by Moschino

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Boho Style

I feel most comfortable in boho-hippy styled clothing so this outfit was super easy for me to wear.  I wore this to work on Friday last week for my uber casual look and then changed into shorts and flip flops for a beach outing later that day.  This top (Stitchery Peasant Blouse) was purchased last summer and I think it has the coolest, authentic looking Mexican style I've ever seen.  So vintage looking and it is incredibly well made.  I paired it with my summer weight wide legs, an old scarf from Abercrombie, my trusty Frye wedges, and a bunch of bracelets from Target.  

Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Brights OOTD

In a better mood today.  I'm showing you my cheesy grin to prove my mood improvement.  Quick OOTD post... I love summer dressing because I can bust out all my super bright colors and have fun wearing them all together.  I love that tropical look and really could wear summer stuff year round without ever tiring of it, but-sigh-fall is on the way in just a couple of months.  So I will just have to make extra sure my wardrobe is as bright as can be for the next month.

Outfit Details:
Top: Anthropologie Pierced Mint Blouse (sized down)
Pants: Anthropologie Summer Sounds Wide Legs
Necklace: Anthropologie Garden Party Necklace
Bracelet: Target
Shoes: Old from Anthropologie