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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review Bailey 44 dress

Trying a new way of blogging tonight from my phone.  Starting simple in case the blogger app fails me.  I went onto my local Anthropologie today and tried on a few things.  I will have more to post later but I wanted to start with one tonight.  I tried on a size small in this Bailey 44 dress and found it to fit nicely.  I usually wear a small in lettered dresses so I found this TTS for me.  I really love this dress and how it easily reads casual yet trendy and sophisticated at the same time.  I can see myself wearing this with canvas sneakers, flats, sandals, maybe even heels :).  I think the price is way high though.  Considering that this dress is rather played put at this point I wouldn't likely pay more than $80 for it.  I really do love it though I doubt it will find its way in my closet.

Orava Shift OOTD and One Orava size 2 (fits 4) for sale!

I adored the Orava shift dress from the moment I saw it on the cover of an Anthropologie catalog a few summers ago.  Unfortunately, the dress never showed up in my store and I didn't get around to purchasing it online so I missed it.  I never worry too much about missing out on an item since they will ALWAYS show up on eBay or the Trade Market eventually.  So, I found a size 2 and purchased it only to find out it runs a size big.  No biggie; I belted it and it looked great.  I considered altering the dress but didn't want to mess with the print so I found a size two and bought it.  Now I have two of the Orava shifts.  Another coveted item I own two of?  The Dotted Arbor skirt.  So, here is my OOTD in the lovely, gorgeous Orava.  I'm wearing a size zero which fits perfectly.  I am selling a size two which will fit a size four for $75/shipped.  If you want it leave a comment or email me.  If you want a size 2 dotted arbor skirt (will fit a 0) I am selling mine for $75/shipped.

And here it is on me.  I love that it has pockets!  And they are perfectly placed too; I have one hand in a pocket.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Loves

So, I was over at Roxy's this am and saw some new stuff that Anthropologie is rolling out for July.  I am seriously swooning.  I am going to have to sell off a ton of stuff to afford all of the clothes I plan on purchasing, perhaps my first born too, haha!

Here are some of my "Love at First Sight" items...

Tie Dyed Maxi Chemise $148

This beauty has been out for a few weeks.  Why no reviews??? Am I the only one who is loving this look?  This dress is at the top of my wish list.  It fits into my lifestyle near the beach and is unlike anything in my closet.  Should I purchase at full price?  If not,  I'm sure it will only get worn once before packing away til next summer.

Dixie Dot Dress $118
This is a great summer dress that will transition easily to fall with proper layering.  I love the dots and flowiness of the skirt portion and since half my tops make me look preggo I am not concerned with the voluminous mid-section. :)

Animal Kingdom Blouse $78
Dogs?  Lambs?  Not 100% sure but I love the potential this all cotton blouse has.  The color combo is beautiful, the print whimsical, and the flounce so feminine.  I want to try this one on ASAP to see if it looks good on me.

Garden Sketch Top $88
I'm not loving the synthetic material of this top but it looks like it might wash well and the flower print is my favorite type of flower print.  This top is very pretty and looks easy to wear.  I can't see getting this at full price but would likely pay $50 for it.

Floriography Cardigan $138
I really cannot imagine passing this sweater up.  However, since I'm not going to have a chance to wear it til the fall I can imagine hunting it down once it finally hits sale.  It is all cotton, colorful, and pretty much everything I love about Anthropologie clothing.  Mine, mine, mine!

Satsuma Sweater Tank $148
This sweater looks like it could be wonderful or a disaster in real life.  I love that it is made of a cotton-linen blend so it will work on warm (not hot!) days and the colors work into the fall.  I definitely want to try this sweater on.

Striped Spinnaker Blazer $98
I really want a striped blazer in my closet and am sad I missed out on past renditions.  I really want to love this blazer despite the synthetic materials.  It has spandex which I really love in my blazer as they tend to be uncomfortable to move in without it.  I'm not sure I would pay full price for this but so long as it looks as good on me as it does the model I will definitely make this a sale purchase.

River School Skirt $98

The print is what I am after in this skirt.  I'm not sure the cut will work on my bootylicious bod though. A couple of other negatives to point out too; the print is off at the seams and the lining is polyester.  Getting beyond all that may prove to be tough but I will gladly give this skirt a go and hope to purchase on sale.

Wing Tile Necklace $42
I love this necklace.  The price is right and the color combination is really great.  I hope I can find this in store, otherwise I'm going to be forced into purchasing it online which will induce all kinds of naughty shopping!
This necklace is super cute and super pricey which can be a dangerous pair!  I really adore this necklace though and hope I can make it mine on a second cut.  

Karina Wingtip Heels $128

I really like both colors of these shoes.  They have such a sweet retro vibe, plus they look super comfortable too.  Would love these for fall.

Phew!  Looks like I will be unloading a lot of items from my closet so I can acquire some of these beauties.  And usually by time items hit sale I have lost some love so I'm sure it won't be as bad on my wallet as it first appears.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Medusae Blouse OOTD

I bought this top with my birthday discount and really love it.  It is dry clean only which is a bit of a pain but I may try a gentle handwash cycle with it as I have other silk dry clean only items.  The length is good as it hits at my hip and works with lower rise pants like these linen pants in a fun coral hue that I got last year at Anthropologie.  

I'm moving to a new house next week so it's been quiet as I get all the loose ends tied up.  I will run one more post over the weekend but probably won't have another for a week or so.  Have a great weekend!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Isaac Mizrahi for Target Skirt (OOTD)

When Target started collaborating with designers for clothing it was like a huge kaboom going off in the internet fashion communities even before blogging was popular.  This skirt was purchased at Target in a size 6 and I had it professionally altered to fit me.  The job was well done as was the construction of this beautiful, timeless cotton skirt.  It is a good weight that resists wrinkling without feeling stiff and is well lined in cotton.  This skirt has paid me back in all the summers I have worn it.  Today I paired it with a Edme & Esyltte top I found on eBay and my Octopus necklace.  I am also wearing my almost worn out Cheap & Chic by Moschino shoes that are about to lose the elastic on the ankle wrap.  Despite their age (7 years) I will repair them when they finally break.  This outfit is very much in the vein of what I like to wear; light colors that have a happy feel to them.  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Weave the Ring OOTD

Nothing new here.  Just another happy rendition of some old items from my closet.  I am pretty convinced the skirt is navy, not black, but I'm still not 100% sure.  The sweater is an oldie but goodie from Anthropologie's more whimsical days.  It used to have little silk/fabric roses along where the butterflies are but they quickly unravelled and fell off leaving me with butterflies instead of what I think were originally supposed to be leaves and stems.  The shoes are from my all-time fave shoe designer, Chie Mihara and the scarf tied into my hair was found many years ago at Target.  Once I added the red-hued shoes I wanted to tie it together and felt the scarf would do that nicely all the while adding to the vintagey feel to this look.  I feel very fifties wearing this outfit. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review: Ines Column Dress by Bailey 44

Looking for a special occasion dress that hugs you in all the right places?  Look no further than this gorgeous, body-hugging number from Bailey 44.  This dress feels so comfortable; you simply slip it on over your head and get on with your day.  It stretches and moves with you, all the while creating gorgeous curves where you thought there were none and accentuating every contour of your frame in the most delightful manner.  I would wear this dress out with gold strappy sandals and call it a day, but you could style it with a modern twist wearing bold, bright necklaces the way Anthro styled this dress in it's catalog.  Also, notice that great tan?  I have no tan right now!  How this dress gave me a tan along with gorgeous curves I will never know.  Let's just call this the miracle dress, kay?!

For reference: I am wearing a size small and am 5'7", 122-124# (haven't weighed myself lately) and have a petite frame with a lot of junk in my trunk.

Why I Shop eBay for my Anthropologie (OOTD)

I love shopping eBay for my Anthropologie collection.  My current love affair with Anthropologie is on the back burner as they work through their identity crisis.  Meanwhile I fan the flames of lovin' with pretty 'lil eBay purchases like this peacock scene skirt.  In case you didn't notice I am kinda obsessed with things on my clothes; embroidery, flowers, animals, different textures.  I like need interest in my clothing.  This skirt was purchased a size too large but how could I resist this work of art even if it meant tailoring?  So I took this a-line skirt to a tailor and had him take the skirt in to fit me and make it more of a pencil shape.  He did a great job.  I had to sacrifice the pockets to get what I wanted but in the end I got a pencil skirt in a size 2 that makes me so happy to wear it.  It's also easy to mix it up; it has a blue waist band so is perfect for tucking in tops, or you can totally dress down this all cotton skirt with a tank and flip flops for weekend wear.  

It isn't obvious, but there isn't actually any purple at all in the skirt.  I don't generally do matchy-matchy; I prefer to coordinate or just add lots of color in the same shade/palette - whatever that's called- to make my outfits work.  

Outfit Details:
Top: Anthropologie (forgot to check brand)
Skirt: Anthropologie (don't know the name)
Necklaces: Anthro and a local boutique
Shoes: Moschino

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Didn't You Just Wear That? OOTD

Why yes I did just wear my Gleaming Shoots blouse.  I have no rules about repeat wear as I'm always mixing up how I wear my clothing so it never feels like I'm wearing the same look too often.  I've paired the lovely blouse on this day with the rare Miroslav skirt by Floreat that I was lucky enough to find on eBay.  If you happen upon one keep in mind that it runs a size large.  In another stroke of luck the seller listed this as a size 2, then messaged me after I purchased that it was a size 0 but she thought it was a size 2 since that is what size she wears; after getting measurements I was happy to find it is a perfect fit.  So glad to add this whimsical skirt to my collection. The shoes are old purchases from Anthropologie and have a lovely touch of whimsy too; there is a picture of a dog's head on the buttons of the shoes.  It is a really subtle touch of cuteness that is only evident upon close inspection.  

I read on Roxy's blog a comment about Anthropologie selling too many memorable pieces of clothing that are not practical for everyday wear.  This struck me since I always wear "memorable" clothing.  I guess since I wear clothing adorned with animals, critters, and floral patterns so often my "memorable" clothing kinda blurs together so that it isn't so memorable when I wear it.  I mix it up with different colors, patterns, shoes, belts, and accessories so that it takes on different enough looks to wear more often.  The next time you see this skirt it will be paired with a colored top, no belt/different belt, different shoes, and perhaps I will accessorize.  To me that will leave a different impression and if someone remembers how I wore the skirt not too long ago well that's fine by me.  

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tropical Bloom OOTD

Here is a quick snap of an OOTD.  I am wearing a pretty bold pattern with a pretty bold color.  However, I think by keeping the look tonal I have actually muted the overall look a bit so instead of being loud it is cohesive and in my humble opinion works very well for a fun, summery outfit.

Outfit Details:
Top: Hanelei Buttondown
Skirt: Field Scout Skirt
Belt: Looping Lanes
Shoes: Chie Mihara
Hair Pin: Anthropologie

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dotted Arbor OOTD

Just a quick OOTD post showing off my ubiquitous Corey Lynn Calter Dotted Arbor Skirt.  I love all of the ways I can wear this skirt.  Today I went very simple white and peach, accented very subtly with silver and gold (in my blouse, necklace, and shoes).  Love this simple summer outfit.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Office Wear... Weekend Wear

I rarely ever wear black and frankly I do not feel like myself in black.  Actually, I wouldn't wear black for many years but talked myself into buying black as it seems to be a wardrobe staple.  But, the Mermaid Lore cardigan is a fantastically gorgeous summer weight sweater and I needed to pull it out and give it some love.  This outfit is perfect for office wear; it's conservative, professional, and I'm even wearing closed-toe shoes with just a hint that I'm really not as conservative as my outfit portrays.  I had a lot of important meetings to do and this outfit worked brilliantly.

 Outfit Details:
Sweater: Mermaid Lore Cardigan
Pants: Old from Anthropologie
Shoes: Old from Anthropologie

Now on to the weekend wear.  I think this is a great little outfit perfect for playing with little ones, doing chores, and running errands all the while looking cute.  This sweater is one of my all time favorites and I doubled down on the bike theme but I think it works, no?

Outfit Details:
Top: Anthropologie Great Outdoors Buttondown
Sweater: Old Anthropologie Bicycle Cardigan
Necklace: Anthropologie Terrarium Necklace
Jeans: Joes
Shoes: Lacoste pink stripe

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shabby Apple Reviews

I recently found an online code for Shabby Apple giving me 25% off my entire order, plus free shipping and returns so I took it as my opportunity to try out the company's offerings.

First, their customer service is excellent.  My order was processed very quickly, shipped lightening fast, and I was updated constantly through email.  When I had a problem with one of my items I was given courtesy and found the representative to be very helpful.  My return was processed much quicker than I thought it would take (less than one week of mailing the return) and I was again notified by email throughout the return process.

Now on to the clothes.  I was not so impressed in this department.  Clothes can be made very cheaply, embellishments and all, so a dress that hovers around $100 should be made very well.  Unfortunately I did not find that to be the case with any of the three dresses or bathing suit I ordered.   Their size charts are amazing.  I followed them and found the dresses to fit perfect.  I really appreciate sizing that is so accurate as Shabby Apple's since I am ordering online site unseen.

This dress is an all cotton unlined 60's style frock that I picked up in a size 4.  My price was around $60 which I found to be completely reasonable for This dress.  The fit was perfect and the color is such a happy color that translated perfectly from screen to in-real-life presentation.  The fabric was crisp enough to resist major wrinkling and the perfect weight for summer wear.  I chose to wear a slip underneath the dress as it is a tad thin for my liking, but you might be able to get away with out a slip.  

I wore this dress the first time with very minimal accessorizing as I wanted to let the bright yellow color stand on it's own.  And it did very nicely.  I garnered a lot of compliments when I wore this dress out.

This dress is the exact color of Tiffany Blue.  I am certain of that fact because I held a Tiffany box up to the dress and indeed the colors matched perfectly.  The quality of this dress isn't that great, but the fit was.  The belt hit at the perfect spot and the entire look was really exquisite.  It is only upon close inspection that you see the lace detail is a bit cheap.  Since most people aren't looking for imperfections, rather the look as a whole, this dress ended up being a keeper though I doubt it will last so long due to the unfinished hem that will likely fray, the lace that will easily pull, and the 100% polyester material.  But the $60 price tag made this dress worth the money.

I apologize that all of these pictures are blurry but at least you can see the fit which is perfect.  I went with a size 4, per size chart recommendations and suggest you follow the charts when ordering, as well.    Some dresses absolutely require that you wear heels.  I love that flats worked beautifully with this dress.  I chose mouse flats since the dress was from their Mad Hatter collection and I wanted to evoke a little Alice in Wonderland with my outfit.  I adore this shade of blue and would love to have more items in this exact shade in my wardrobe.

I bought this dress in a size four and ended up returning it.  Two buttons fell off as soon as I took it out of the package.  Besides that, I found the outer layer and overall construction of this dress to look really cheap in person.  The fit wasn't good either; the waist band really needs a belt as it looked off the way the skirt blossomed out from the seam.  The hips weren't accentuated by this affect either.  Obviously the dress photographs well but the in-person look leaves much to be desired.  No photos on but just trust me.  It was not flattering.

I bought this suit in a size small.  It fit TTS though I think it would look best on a woman with a larger chest size; I am a 34/6B and I did not have the va va voom goin' on you see here.  No pictures as I had this layered over something per swim try-on etiquette.  I couldn't get the tie to look good like you see in the picture and the black-white contrast was a bit sharp for my tastes.  Plus the suit had a sheen to it that I didn't like and the material felt much thinner than I would be comfortable wearing.  I would not purchase another bathing suit from Shabby Apple after seeing this one.  Again, too cheap looking for my liking.  

While I was overall disappointed with the construction and materials of the Shabby Apple items I would order again.  Surprised?  For around $60 I would try another dress and hope for the best.  At the original $100ish price tag - no way.  

Some other things that are tempting me...
Machu Picchu $88                   

Overboard $95

Have you tried anything from Shabby Apple?  What was your experience?