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Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Reviews!

Ok, on to round 2 of my reviews.  My last set can be found here.

I am wearing a size small in the Pindot shirt because my store didn't have any XS on the floor.  I would definitely need an XS for proper fit.  I love the barely there pin dots on this chambray shirt; it is what makes the top special.  However, my new improved fiscally responsible self says that if you need a chambray shirt in your wardrobe a $20 version from a cheap store should suffice.  I love the relaxed feel of the top and the super soft Tencel fabric which is really fabulous.  I found tucking in to be a bit of a problem since this top is so oversized.  I wonder if my proper size may help?  Definitely recommend you try this top on if you don't mind the inflated price tag for what you get.  

Of course Anthropologie has to execute a top that is different from their model shot.  Why would they actually give you something as cute?  I have button ups with interesting prints on the inside cuff and I think it shows way better on an elbow length cut sleeve like the model top.  So it's really disappointing when the real life version isn't the same.  I'm wearing the top rolled up like the model shot and look, no cute print.  :(

I'm wearing my usual size 2 and feel the fit is right.  Perhaps a wee big but if I sized up the arms would be too snug so I would stick with this size.  I like the back in theory but I don't think it translates well, at least it didn't in the dressing room.  Maybe a good press would solve the problem?  The top in white is completely sheer and requires an under layer which is fine for cooler months but that means you couldn't wear this top in the summer which is a shame.  

Another issue?  Oh, yes and it's a biggie.  This top is dry clean only.  It's cotton so I don't know why and if I owned it I'm sure I would throw it in the wash on handwash cycle; but then I'm risking ruining this shirt.  This top is a pass for me.  

I really, really like this sweater from Line (is this a new Anthro brand?).  It is a cotton-nylon-silk blend and dry clean only which is understandable looking at the construction.  I love this shade of green and think that it would work really nicely right into fall.  I also think this would look great layered over a long sleeve tee, shirt, or dress.  It is relaxed, comfortable, and has all those special details I look for in my clothes.  My only fear would be wearing a necklace because of snagging possibilities and since this is a plain top I would really want to wear a necklace.  I am wearing an XS in this sweater and think it fit just as it should.  I recommend this sweater but must be getting super cheap because I still think $60 is too high.  

I chose the XS in this dress and think it fit me like a glove.  I adore this dress and adore the green color. Green is my favorite color and this shade is almost the exact shade that makes my heart swoon.  I think this dress would work as a year round dress depending on how you style it.  I think a blazer would look fantastic with it and while it needs a belt (in my opinion, at least) I think it would work with a lot of different belts to create different looks.  Sparkly belt and strappy shoes = special occasion; leather belt and pretty pumps = sophisticated chic (add a blazer and I think this would be work appropriate).  I don't have the need for another semi-dressy dress right now so I'm not feeling the need to buy, but I do think it is super flattering and definitely recommend if your in the market for a versatile dress that you can wear to many functions.

I still have one more round to go so I will get to those really soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. The Pindot Chambray is indeed super cute! I'm glad to hear that you tried on the size Small, because it gives me hope that the XS or XSP will be slimmer. I also love the green Given Then Gathered Dress on you--it was too long for me, since I have no need for a semi-dressy professional dress, but the style is really flattering on multiple body types, I think (both curvy and straight).