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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Time for a few reviews.  Currently my weight is at 124 pounds but somehow I am squeezing into my normal size 2/XS.  I am 5'6.5" with a petite frame, small waist, bubble butt, and I carry my weight in my thighs/legs in general.  I have very slender hips so I can typically squeeze into smaller pants that have wider legs.

 I am wearing a size 2 here and I think they have enough stretch and the style of the wide legs works with my larger thighs and butt.  I like the fit of the pants but do you see the belt?  You cannot make it any smaller; it simply will not adjust as it is non-functional.  Why so wide?  The length is good for heels; in the first picture I am on my toes and in the second picture I am flat on my feet.  I think these pants run TTS though the faulty belt kills them for me.

I am wearing a size small as there were no xs at my store; they are way too big on me.  You can see how they bunch up above the crotch and they were overall too big and generally unflattering.  They look like beach pants.  I have beach pants so at $100 these aren't worth it to me at all.  I did like the peachy color but the fold over waist made these pants much to casual for the price.

Atzi Blouse now $50 & Honeybee Cargo Shorts now $40

 Top: I am wearing a size 0 here and I think the top is pretty but rather boxy.  It is all cotton and machine washable so it must be pretty sturdy construction which is great considering the lovely details on this top.  I found this top to run a little large due to the boxy construction. I sized down but I think I could have gotten away with my normal size 2 if needs be.  I actually still really like this top and would consider it on second mark down.
Bottoms: I am wearing a size 4 here which is my usual size for shorts.  There is a little room at the back of the waist but that is how shorts of this size always fit me; I buy to fit my largest part and then have the waist tailored.  Very cute shorts in washable cotton material.  I brought these home with me.

I am wearing an XS and cami underneath this extremely sheer tank.  Not understanding the nearly $100 price tag on this top and would not pay more than $30 for it but I do think it is a nice top, just severely over priced.  It's viscose and dry clean only so really a difficult top for me.

 This is a beautiful halter top in a shade of yellow that actually compliments my hair and skin tone.  I am wearing the top with high waisted trouser jeans (found on sale for $30 - go me!) and think a high waisted pant or short is the way to go here as the top is rather short.  It is also low cut so if  you have any boobage goin' on I think you will be giving off a whole lotta va-va-voom! For my baby B's there is no sexy going on with this top and that is fine by me.  I think this could be paired with a really bold necklace to cover some of the chest and a blazer for work (at least my work).  Great little halter top in cotton machine washable fabric but would wait for a sale on this one.

 I am wearing an XS here and feel it fits TTS.  This came off as very vintagey in-store and it wasn't until I found it online and read that it is supposed to read as denim did I see that it is a sweater version of the classic cropped denim jacket.  I gotta be honest; I don't like it now that I see the denim look to it.  It is really super soft and comfy cotton material.  Extremely well made and much better looking in person than it photographs.  I bought this but now that I only see the denim look I don't really like it anymore so I'll be returning this.

Mena Top $68

You will find this top in the lounge section on Anthropologie's website.  I love white tops with lots of details.  I buy them whenever I find one that catches my eye and wear them out and then start using them for lounge wear.  I brought this one home with me and wore it the next day to a birthday party.  I am wearing an XS here and find it runs TTS to slightly large.  The straps were slightly loose but did not fall down while wearing the top out the next day.  The back drops down slightly farther than the front and overall it's a very breezy, boho feel with the patchwork fabrics and loose tent fit. Here is how I wore it out.

 I am wearing an XS here and found the waist to be ever so slightly tight.  I would like to try the small on for comparison.  The top is a machine washable rayon fabric in a lovely shade of green.  Those are little pairs of sparrows flitting about the top.  Notice all the little details: the pleating at the front, cinched waist, and beautiful tie-back with adjustable tie.  Plus, I am wearing a bra in the picture and it does not show through the back.  I think this is brilliant designing from Vanessa Virginia with the only drawback for me being the material; I just don't think rayon will hold up and even with the details I think $70 is a bit steep.  I am pretty sure I can track this top down or one of the solid color versions in a few months on sale.

I am wearing a size two in this cotton sundress (with cotton lining!) and I feel it fits TTS.  It is decidedly casual and perfect for the hottest days of summer with it's all cotton material and loose fit.  I needed the straps to keep the dress up but I always use the straps on these types of dresses.  I don't have a whole lot to say about this dress.  The color of yellow was nice with my hair and skin tone but the price point is way too high for a sun dress.  I may reconsider this one on sale but my hunch is that many more pretty sundresses will come along that steal away my attention.

Blazer: I am wearing the XS here and while I normally go for a small in jackets and blazers for layering purposes I felt this sweatshirt material cotton blazer had plenty of give to go with an XS.  I like how relaxed the blazer is with the material yet it is still a blazer so easily pulls together any look.  I could do a blazer like this during the week at the office and during the weekend too.  I love blazers.  I could use a grey blazer too but I would like to see the darker shade of grey before making any commitments. I also think that this blazer will hit sale soon enough since it's not really weather appropriate anymore.

Top: I am wearing a size small in the photos but needed an XS so it's TTS.  This cotton top is found in the lounge section and is pretty sheer.  a nude bra and/or a nude or white camisole is needed underneath.  I am wearing a nude cami in the photo and always bring one in the dressing room to try on clothes since so many of Anthropologie's clothes are sheer.  I actually really like this top with the swiss dot detail at the top, tie waist, and pleats.  But until I sell off some of my white tops its a no-go for this cute one.  Plus, at $80 I think this will eventually hit sale since the price is high for what it is.

Hope you enjoyed my latest set of reviews!  Did you try on any of these and if so how did they work for you?


  1. Thank you for these reviews!

  2. Thanks for your honest reviews. You seem to answer the questions I wonder about different items. I also wanted you to know that I really enjoy reading your Blog and think you are doing a great job with your postings :)

    1. Glad I can help and so happy to read you like my new blog. :)

  3. Ah I love the honeybee cargo shorts! I did not see those at my local Anthro I am going to have to go back! Thanks for the reviews!