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Saturday, May 26, 2012


Anther review round up for y'all.  I am 5'6.5" and currently 124.  I have a petite frame, round rear, and long torso.

Top: I am wearing a size small here since my store didn't have an XS on the floor; I would need my true size XS as it was a wee big for my tastes.  It is a lovely, gauzy blouse that would make a nice swim cover.  It is breathable cotton and I really like the pink flowers.  I am cheap though and wouldn't pay anywhere near $130 for this top.

Shorts: Wearing a size 6 here and they fit surprisingly well.  I adore the all lace look and think the color is perfect for those bright corals, pinks, spearmints, and neutrals.  Gorgeous, gorgeous shorts.  I do think the cut is too short.  They look a little longer on me because they are hanging at my low hip thanks to sizing up and they are still too short.  I wouldn't be comfortable sitting in these.  Pass for me but love them all the same.

 Tussie Tank $78
 I am wearing a size 6 since that is the smallest size on the floor at more store and I think the fit was pretty good considering how big it was.  I really like this top and I really love it with the jeans - the colors are perfect together.  I think the price is spectacular since this is a cotton-silk blend and machine washable to boot.  I am planning on getting this with my birthday discount in a size 2.

Wearing my usual size 26 here; try to ignore the VPL, please. I feel like I am wearing pajama pants; these pants are THAT comfortable.  Oooh, how I just want to take them home with me right now, but darn-it even with my B-day discount they are staggeringly expensive.  Still, I'm a pretty easy sell and since there is nothing like this in my wardrobe they kinda deserve a spot in my closet, no?  If you care to give me some feedback though I would appreciate it.  Looking at the pictures I wonder if they are looking too tight?  Do you think I should size up (I haven't lost that extra 5 pounds yet), or do you think they look ok?

 Here is a size 2 in this pretty top by We Love Vera.  I typically have to size down in We Love Vera and would like to see a size 0 on to see if the fit is a bit better.  I wasn't in love with how sheer the fabric is since I would likely need to layer and that kinda defeats the purpose of a breezy summer top.  Plusses abound though: cotton-silk material, machine washable, good price point, gorgeous summer print.  I am a bit thrown as to what to layer here though; the back is cut so the top angles in so I would need a good strapless but then I still deal with the sheer factor.  I will try this on with a strapless nude bra and decide if it's worthy of coming home with my birthday discount.

I am wearing a size 2 and they fit great.  The elastic waistband is very comfortable and forgiving.  I like that they are cotton-silk so they will feel great on the hottest of hot days.  However, let me be honest here.  I hate these culotte shorts.  They remind me of the 80's and everyone knows that if you grew up with the fashion you NEVER repeat it.  Maybe some teen or twenty-something will like these but I am past the age expiration in my own mind.

I am wearing a size 2 here.  This is a very pretty straight cut skirt in a neutral color with pretty cut-outs.  I love this skirt.  I think it would go with a lot in my wardrobe and I like that it is not only linen but so is the lining (dry clean only though).  It is a really well made skirt at a very fair price.  However, since I am only days away from qualifying for my birthday discount I left this skirt behind.  Obviously the love wasn't enough to just take it home with me.

Anthropologie Elephant Belt (not on website)

 I don't know why this belt isn't on the website.  I can't even remember the price but want to say it was around $80.  It is a really cute belt with the elephant head which has some blue rhinestones on the trunk.  It is stretchy material and it sits at my natural waist.  I am not 100% sure of the price but even at $50 I would want to wait for this to go on sale since it is a bit of a memorable belt with limited use.

 This cover up was a return at my store and even though it was a size Large I couldn't resist trying it on.  The elasticized waist kept it from looking ridiculously big on me.  I love this cover up but I didn't like the back as I would want to wear this as a dress with a proper bra and the tie at the back was not properly placed to make that happen.  The print is gorgeous and the color of red is that perfect, punchy cherry red that makes me so happy.  Too bad the top won't allow for a bra as it is too thin to wear this as a dress without something underneath.

Thanks for checking out my reviews!  Have a great Memorial weekend!


  1. I just purchased the AG pants in the coral and they are amazing! Worth every penny. They do stretch a little after wearing, so you should be fine in your regular size. I have these in the grey polka dot too.....I hope they come out in solid colors of this style as well.


    1. Ooh, I am trying to be good and not buy these since they are so much $$$ for such a trendy item but they are so difficult to resist. Thanks for the sizing info; I guess I will stick with my regular size if I cave before they hit sale (and realistically I would have to since the color SCREAMS summer).