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Friday, May 4, 2012

Saccharin (OOTD)

Nothing new here, unless you count my eBay score; the skirt is by Corey Lynn Calter and is a bit too big at a size 6.  I will probably sell this soon because I am getting rather lazy with tailoring.  But, in the meantime I pinned it tighter at my waist.  It is a beautiful skirt and I garnered a lot of compliments with this super sweet outfit.

The shoes have a cute little story.  I saw them on the Chie site but they were sold out in my size.  I go through color phases where I cannot get enough of a particular color or color combination and last spring it was red and pink.  So when I saw the red and pink combo I obsessed and obsessed.  No retailer in the states (at least with an internet store) sold this particular combo of the Lovely so I searched through dozens of Google pages until I came across the pair I needed on the Amazon France website.  I don't speak France and couldn't translate the page so I had no idea what the text said but figuring check out would be pretty self explanatory I navigated my way through until somehow I managed to complete check out.  Lo and Behold my shoes arrived straight from France by the end of the week.  Love!

The top and sweater are oldies but goodies from Anthropologie's more feminine-vintagey days.  


  1. Great color combo and I LOVE the shoes! Good to know about ordering from amazon France - thanks for the info. Pedshoes is my favorite US site that sells Chie's.