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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ephemere OOTD

Ephemere: Lasting shortly, transitioning.

That's your vocab lesson for the day.  At least it was mine.  Gotta love how Anthropologie is always coming up with those out-there product names.  Better than boring ones though, right?

I jumped at my chance to wear some jeans today since it is on the cold side and rainy.  I coulda really went all hippy-dippy with this blouse today but I kept it simple since I am too busy to think right now and my closets are a real mess and mostly still boxed up from my recent move.  Today's outfit was along this train of thought: I wanna wear jeans, now what can I grab without tripping over boxes?  This is how that turned out.

Outfit details:
Top: Anthropologie Odille Ephemere Peasant Blouse
Jeans: Holding Horses
Necklace: 2011 Anthropologie
Shoes: Frye Wedges 2011

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