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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pretty Weekend Wear

I found this dress on eBay recently and I love it.  I think it may be by Corey Lynn Calter but I cannot really remember.  It is all cotton, a bit pilly, but I love it.  It is that perfect summer dress to wear with flip flops, sandals, or some comfy canvas sneaks.  I'm rocking some super cute polka dot navy sneakers I got from Boden this summer.  I have worn the dress several times and always get compliments so I guess the quirky print of little ducks all in rows is lovable to everyone else too.  

I think all women should love their bodies; I really love mine -flaws and all.  I especially love my tiny bust; I get to wear super low cut dresses like this one and not look like I'm flashing a whole lotta cleavage (not that there is anything wrong with it if that's your thing!).  I love modest dressing but low cut tops don't look modest on larger chests without a cami or tank so it's nice my tiny barely B cup's work so nice for me here.  

So, in news about my keratin treatment let's just say I wouldn't do it again. Nothing is different about my hair and I'm out $145 for the treatment (including tip).  My friend recently had a keratin treatment and said hers did nothing either.  She had a treatment before they changed the formula and said it was fantastic so I guess the new formula sucks.  My opinion?  Save your money, ladies!  

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