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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Ok, had a few minutes at my local store so I snapped some pictures.   I'm 5'6.5", 120 pounds currently.  I have a petite frame, long torso, small bust, a large rear and thighs.  I am consistently a size 2, XS, and wear size 26.

I am wearing the size small here.  It is a little loose so I would size down to an XS to buy.  I absolutely adore this sweater and plan on making it mine once it hits sale.  Please hit sale!  Heck, I will gladly get the small if I cannot track down the XS.  This sweater is in the vein of the Anthropologie I fell in love with and seek out in resell all the time.  The sweater is 100% cotton and oh so soft.  You can hand wash it too which to me means throwing it in the "hand wash" cycle in my machine and laying flat to dry.  I spend a small fortune on dry cleaning and frankly I'm sick of it so this sweater is perfect in so many ways.  The sweater is fitted with 3/4 sleeves and has an open weave in the back.  I cannot even express all the ways I adore this sweater. A+

 This is a size 2 in the regular sizing (petites available online).  There was no 0 in stock to compare so this is all you get.  I am swimming in this romper.  Even standing on my tippy toes the pants were several inches too long.  Is the model wearing petite or is she really THAT tall?  The neckline is adjustable which is a really nice feature and the model shot is great but with the overall fit being so incredibly huge on my body it's really hard to give an accurate review other than size down, down, down!  I'm sure I won't have the opportunity to try on a 0P but I'm guessing that would be my only hope in this over sized romper.

 I chose a size 0 in this dress which is my normal size for strapless dresses.  It is cotton and machine washable, what a plus!  In this instance my baby B-cup worked against me.  No way could I fill out the bust in this dress and my 34.5 inch chest couldn't hold it up either.  So maybe this frock is better suited for the bustier among us.  I love the swingy skirt on the dress and thought the sash was a nice touch too.  Actually, all the pretty details on this dress made it a winner.  Ooh, except one little thing.  The dress I had on had a broken zipper; I hope this isn't one of THOSE dresses and it was simply a defect on the one I tried on, but you have been warned.  You will be sized out of this dress if you are petite like me.  For those that can get a good fit I highly recommend.

Jacoba Chemise $40 on sale

 I really love a pretty white summer dress and I thought this chemise could pass for beach or weekend wear.  I know, I know, this chemise is sold out online but it is still available in stores so maybe with the tempting price this will help someone out.  I am wearing my own cotton slip under this all cotton chemise and unless you are wearing this as a (see through) nightie you too will need a slip.  I really love the vintage look to this chemise and found that the waist tie gave the perfect fit.  It is true to size and felt very light and airy on.  I actually brought this home with me but in reality I'm not sure I need this in my already over flowing wardrobe so I think I will probably return it.  Perhaps, it will make it to second cut and then at $20 it would definitely stay in my closet.

I fell in love with this blazer when it hit the website and had such high hopes even though it is synthetic which I try to avoid when possible.  Sadly, I was quite disappointed with this blazer once on.  I chose a size XS and think it fit perfectly.  Sometimes I go up to a small or 4 in blazers so if you take two sizes go with the lower one in this blazer.  I absolutely hated the shoulder pads.  In the second photo you can see how wide they make my very petite shoulders look.  I like my hour glass figure and didn't appreciate looking top heavy thanks to this jacket.  I also felt the wide lapel was a bit much and didn't like how sloppy the stripes looked on the side view.  Plus, it's dry clean only; there are plenty of cute sweat-shirt like blazers that are machine washable so I don't appreciate the added expense here.  Overall, just not for me but I'm sure someone will make this look great.

Thanks for checking out my reviews!


  1. I tried on the Novella Strapless Dress in a size 0, too (although mine and two others in the store also had broken zippers, I think it's a manufacturing problem), and thought that it fit OK on my bust. I'm 5'2", 120 lbs, size 0/2/XS/26 and even smaller than you up top--small 32A, 31.5" at middle bust. If not for the zipper, I would have even tried the size 2 for more comfort.

    So I was not sized out of this dress, but I wonder if it's due to the shape of my overall torso. I'm very thick-waisted and my torso is basically a straight-sided rectangle, so it's possible that a snug waist fit held the dress up. If there's no gaping or weird creasing at the bust, I count that as a win.