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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Giraffe Skirt OOTD

I missed out on this skirt in 2005 and have waited my fair share of time to have it finally come my way. I found this skirt recently on eBay and absolutely adore it.  Today I paired it with a lovely Odille top in the palest shade of yellow to compliment the sunset tones of the skirt.  I am going to have fun pairing this skirt with less obvious color choices in the future.

In other news I got a keratin hair treatment yesterday.  I have great hair, but it tends to frizz easily.  I have recently found that washing with conditioner instead of using shampoo on a regular basis has helped tremendisouly but I had already bought my Groupon for the treatment so I went ahead with it yesterday.  My goal is ending frizz and not stick straight hair so after consulting with my regular stylist I had the girl doing the Keratin treatment only use the straight iron for three passes per section.  I cannot wash, wet, sweat, or style for 72 hours.  I will update after my first wash to let you know how this goes.


  1. had a treatment last spring. also make sure you dont put hair up i.e. ponytail. You will want to wash SOOO bad by the time you get to day 3, but its worth it when you get a good one.

    1. Yes, I really want to wash this stuff out of my hair but I can tell it is already working its magic. My hair is pretty flat right now but I don't usually use a straight iron so hopefully it will retain it's body without the frizz once I wash.

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