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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Didn't You Just Wear That? OOTD

Why yes I did just wear my Gleaming Shoots blouse.  I have no rules about repeat wear as I'm always mixing up how I wear my clothing so it never feels like I'm wearing the same look too often.  I've paired the lovely blouse on this day with the rare Miroslav skirt by Floreat that I was lucky enough to find on eBay.  If you happen upon one keep in mind that it runs a size large.  In another stroke of luck the seller listed this as a size 2, then messaged me after I purchased that it was a size 0 but she thought it was a size 2 since that is what size she wears; after getting measurements I was happy to find it is a perfect fit.  So glad to add this whimsical skirt to my collection. The shoes are old purchases from Anthropologie and have a lovely touch of whimsy too; there is a picture of a dog's head on the buttons of the shoes.  It is a really subtle touch of cuteness that is only evident upon close inspection.  

I read on Roxy's blog a comment about Anthropologie selling too many memorable pieces of clothing that are not practical for everyday wear.  This struck me since I always wear "memorable" clothing.  I guess since I wear clothing adorned with animals, critters, and floral patterns so often my "memorable" clothing kinda blurs together so that it isn't so memorable when I wear it.  I mix it up with different colors, patterns, shoes, belts, and accessories so that it takes on different enough looks to wear more often.  The next time you see this skirt it will be paired with a colored top, no belt/different belt, different shoes, and perhaps I will accessorize.  To me that will leave a different impression and if someone remembers how I wore the skirt not too long ago well that's fine by me.  


  1. Bought the gleaming shoots blouse today! Thanks for your email. And you are right, I do think we have similar taste cuz I love these skirts you've been sporting lately! :)

    1. I hope you love the blouse as much as I do, and thanks for the compliment!