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Friday, June 8, 2012

Office Wear... Weekend Wear

I rarely ever wear black and frankly I do not feel like myself in black.  Actually, I wouldn't wear black for many years but talked myself into buying black as it seems to be a wardrobe staple.  But, the Mermaid Lore cardigan is a fantastically gorgeous summer weight sweater and I needed to pull it out and give it some love.  This outfit is perfect for office wear; it's conservative, professional, and I'm even wearing closed-toe shoes with just a hint that I'm really not as conservative as my outfit portrays.  I had a lot of important meetings to do and this outfit worked brilliantly.

 Outfit Details:
Sweater: Mermaid Lore Cardigan
Pants: Old from Anthropologie
Shoes: Old from Anthropologie

Now on to the weekend wear.  I think this is a great little outfit perfect for playing with little ones, doing chores, and running errands all the while looking cute.  This sweater is one of my all time favorites and I doubled down on the bike theme but I think it works, no?

Outfit Details:
Top: Anthropologie Great Outdoors Buttondown
Sweater: Old Anthropologie Bicycle Cardigan
Necklace: Anthropologie Terrarium Necklace
Jeans: Joes
Shoes: Lacoste pink stripe


  1. Oh the mermaid lore cardi and great outdoors top - two pieces I was way to slow to react on and miss out! I love the combo of the bike prints - fun whimsy!

  2. LOVE the bike print cardi.....too cute!!!