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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shabby Apple Reviews

I recently found an online code for Shabby Apple giving me 25% off my entire order, plus free shipping and returns so I took it as my opportunity to try out the company's offerings.

First, their customer service is excellent.  My order was processed very quickly, shipped lightening fast, and I was updated constantly through email.  When I had a problem with one of my items I was given courtesy and found the representative to be very helpful.  My return was processed much quicker than I thought it would take (less than one week of mailing the return) and I was again notified by email throughout the return process.

Now on to the clothes.  I was not so impressed in this department.  Clothes can be made very cheaply, embellishments and all, so a dress that hovers around $100 should be made very well.  Unfortunately I did not find that to be the case with any of the three dresses or bathing suit I ordered.   Their size charts are amazing.  I followed them and found the dresses to fit perfect.  I really appreciate sizing that is so accurate as Shabby Apple's since I am ordering online site unseen.

This dress is an all cotton unlined 60's style frock that I picked up in a size 4.  My price was around $60 which I found to be completely reasonable for This dress.  The fit was perfect and the color is such a happy color that translated perfectly from screen to in-real-life presentation.  The fabric was crisp enough to resist major wrinkling and the perfect weight for summer wear.  I chose to wear a slip underneath the dress as it is a tad thin for my liking, but you might be able to get away with out a slip.  

I wore this dress the first time with very minimal accessorizing as I wanted to let the bright yellow color stand on it's own.  And it did very nicely.  I garnered a lot of compliments when I wore this dress out.

This dress is the exact color of Tiffany Blue.  I am certain of that fact because I held a Tiffany box up to the dress and indeed the colors matched perfectly.  The quality of this dress isn't that great, but the fit was.  The belt hit at the perfect spot and the entire look was really exquisite.  It is only upon close inspection that you see the lace detail is a bit cheap.  Since most people aren't looking for imperfections, rather the look as a whole, this dress ended up being a keeper though I doubt it will last so long due to the unfinished hem that will likely fray, the lace that will easily pull, and the 100% polyester material.  But the $60 price tag made this dress worth the money.

I apologize that all of these pictures are blurry but at least you can see the fit which is perfect.  I went with a size 4, per size chart recommendations and suggest you follow the charts when ordering, as well.    Some dresses absolutely require that you wear heels.  I love that flats worked beautifully with this dress.  I chose mouse flats since the dress was from their Mad Hatter collection and I wanted to evoke a little Alice in Wonderland with my outfit.  I adore this shade of blue and would love to have more items in this exact shade in my wardrobe.

I bought this dress in a size four and ended up returning it.  Two buttons fell off as soon as I took it out of the package.  Besides that, I found the outer layer and overall construction of this dress to look really cheap in person.  The fit wasn't good either; the waist band really needs a belt as it looked off the way the skirt blossomed out from the seam.  The hips weren't accentuated by this affect either.  Obviously the dress photographs well but the in-person look leaves much to be desired.  No photos on but just trust me.  It was not flattering.

I bought this suit in a size small.  It fit TTS though I think it would look best on a woman with a larger chest size; I am a 34/6B and I did not have the va va voom goin' on you see here.  No pictures as I had this layered over something per swim try-on etiquette.  I couldn't get the tie to look good like you see in the picture and the black-white contrast was a bit sharp for my tastes.  Plus the suit had a sheen to it that I didn't like and the material felt much thinner than I would be comfortable wearing.  I would not purchase another bathing suit from Shabby Apple after seeing this one.  Again, too cheap looking for my liking.  

While I was overall disappointed with the construction and materials of the Shabby Apple items I would order again.  Surprised?  For around $60 I would try another dress and hope for the best.  At the original $100ish price tag - no way.  

Some other things that are tempting me...
Machu Picchu $88                   

Overboard $95

Have you tried anything from Shabby Apple?  What was your experience?


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