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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why I Shop eBay for my Anthropologie (OOTD)

I love shopping eBay for my Anthropologie collection.  My current love affair with Anthropologie is on the back burner as they work through their identity crisis.  Meanwhile I fan the flames of lovin' with pretty 'lil eBay purchases like this peacock scene skirt.  In case you didn't notice I am kinda obsessed with things on my clothes; embroidery, flowers, animals, different textures.  I like need interest in my clothing.  This skirt was purchased a size too large but how could I resist this work of art even if it meant tailoring?  So I took this a-line skirt to a tailor and had him take the skirt in to fit me and make it more of a pencil shape.  He did a great job.  I had to sacrifice the pockets to get what I wanted but in the end I got a pencil skirt in a size 2 that makes me so happy to wear it.  It's also easy to mix it up; it has a blue waist band so is perfect for tucking in tops, or you can totally dress down this all cotton skirt with a tank and flip flops for weekend wear.  

It isn't obvious, but there isn't actually any purple at all in the skirt.  I don't generally do matchy-matchy; I prefer to coordinate or just add lots of color in the same shade/palette - whatever that's called- to make my outfits work.  

Outfit Details:
Top: Anthropologie (forgot to check brand)
Skirt: Anthropologie (don't know the name)
Necklaces: Anthro and a local boutique
Shoes: Moschino


  1. I buy pretty much all my skirts & fav vintage Lilly Pulitzer items off Ebay. It always does my little black heart good to buy what once was waaay over $100 (or $200 even) for less than $20 more often than not. Sure it may be a skirt from 2 or 3 seasons (or years or more) ago - which delights me even more as I watched many a blogger plunk down full price for something only to regret it later & sell it off for a mere fraction of what they originally paid. Hardly worn (if ever) & mine for a song!
    Glad to hear Ebay's working well for you too!

  2. "... does my little black heart good..." LOLOL!

  3. I adore that skirt! I buy most of my clothes from either Ebay or some great resale shops in Scottsdale called My Sister's Closet.

  4. I really like this concept but it doesn't seem to be on Auction web yet? When you go to Auction web it performs but only if everything is in US money which is a bit annoying! I wish they carry it to Auction web cos like I said its an amazing idea! Especially being able to see other individuals choose who have identical style/likes that you do! Shopping eBay