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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Orava Shift OOTD and One Orava size 2 (fits 4) for sale!

I adored the Orava shift dress from the moment I saw it on the cover of an Anthropologie catalog a few summers ago.  Unfortunately, the dress never showed up in my store and I didn't get around to purchasing it online so I missed it.  I never worry too much about missing out on an item since they will ALWAYS show up on eBay or the Trade Market eventually.  So, I found a size 2 and purchased it only to find out it runs a size big.  No biggie; I belted it and it looked great.  I considered altering the dress but didn't want to mess with the print so I found a size two and bought it.  Now I have two of the Orava shifts.  Another coveted item I own two of?  The Dotted Arbor skirt.  So, here is my OOTD in the lovely, gorgeous Orava.  I'm wearing a size zero which fits perfectly.  I am selling a size two which will fit a size four for $75/shipped.  If you want it leave a comment or email me.  If you want a size 2 dotted arbor skirt (will fit a 0) I am selling mine for $75/shipped.

And here it is on me.  I love that it has pockets!  And they are perfectly placed too; I have one hand in a pocket.

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