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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Anthropologie's Eyelet Pinwheel Dress -VS- Modcloth's Boat House Brunch Dress

Ok, smack-down time, ladies!  Ever watch Bobby Flay's Smack Down?  Well, I'm going to do a version today with two very similar dresses.  I am pitting Anthropologie's Eyelet Pinwheel Dress against Modcloth's Boat House Brunch Dress.  Both dresses cost the same amount of money, about $160, and both dresses have similar cuts and color.

Check 'em out!

I actually own the Boat House Brunch dress.  I wanted it ever since I saw it styled on Bonjour it's Jinah in this post.  I love everything about the dress and the way Jinah styled it but I really don't like paying full price so I waited and then one day before Christmas it popped up on eBay for $90 shipped so I bought a size small and have worn this baby since.  I bought the Hush Puppies Oxfords also on accord of seeing the lovely Jinah rockin' hers.  The Anthropologie Pinwheel dress was purchased when I returned O by Organics orange frock that didn't work for me.  Once I received the dress and put it on I realized I already own a version so I decided to do a smack down for the blog.

Both dresses hit mid thigh and both have high necks, a-line shapes, same deep blue hue, price points match, cotton material (except Antrho's version has a polyester lining while the Dear Creatures dress has an all cotton lining).

Now for the differences.  Modcloth's version is much more fitted until the waist where it flares out in multiple pleats at the skirt.  It has lovely sailor style buttons, and a Peter Pan collar with a lovely scalloped trim.  Anthropologie's version is eyelet material and the only pleat is a very large pleat at the back of the dress, no collar, and a tent shape with zero waist definition.

Here is a close up of the eyelet pattern (forgive the washed out appearance caused by the flash):

And here is the side view of the the Pinwheel dress:
I look a tad preggers, no?

I would have returned the Eyelet Pinwheel dress regardless of fit because I already have a lovely version of the dress from Modcloth, but in reality if I DIDN"T have the Modcloth Boat House Brunch dress I still would have returned the O' by Organic dress.  The shape is too much like a sack and does not suit my body, perhaps someone more lanky and tall would look better in this?  I don't know, but I'm sure there is a girl out there that would look smashing in this dress, it is just not this girl.  There would be plenty of instances to prefer the clean lines and classic style of the Eyelet dress but I like to feel like I look good in what I'm wearing, not that there is potential to the article of clothing.  I don't think the Anthropologie dress properly translates to the look it is trying to achieve (at least on my body) but I do think it is a lovely dress all the same.

What do you think about the two dresses, do you prefer one or the other?


  1. I love a good smack down! The dear creatures dress definitely wins, though I confess it's hard to assess any dress when my eyes and heart are drawn to those adorable chies...

  2. The Eyelet Pinwheel had such potential. I still prefer it's simplicity and classic eyelet pattern over the Dear Creatures, but why o why didn't they put a nice empire seam in it? I'm sure a pop color skinny belt would nip it in nicely, but still...O for Organics missed a great opportunity here. You're shoes are flat-out rockin' girl!

  3. Thanks for the shoe love! I couldn't find this color of the Lovely's last year anywhere in the US so after searching 13+ pages on google I got a link to the Amazon France site. I couldn't read a word but managed to check out and by some stroke of luck I had these shoes shipped from France to my doorstep within a few days. The lengths we go for fashion, hah!