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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I did these reviews last week and only had 15 minutes to spare so forgive the blurry shots but I was in a big rush.  
First up:Scalloped Strings Tank $70 & Press Lutea Skirt now on sale for $70

TOP: I am wearing the XS here and I think it fits TTS.  It is a lovely, free flowing top that tucks nicely into skirts and would also work with a pair of skinny jeans or pants.  I am wearing it with a nude bra but would recommend a strapless bra to avoid show through at the design.  The top was so sheer as to show my nude bra which in my book is unacceptable.  I think the design at the top is lovely but with viscose material I think the price should be around $40 so this was a pass for me.

SKIRT:I am wearing a size 4 here which is a size up from my normal size 2 and since I am consistently a size 2 I think this definitely runs small.  Also, I carry my weight in my rear and thighs so this particular pencil skirt with very little give may not be best suited to my body type.  Still, the pattern is lovely and the weight is nice for spring and summer.  What I really hated is how the pattern lines up at the side seam; rather, how it doesn't line up at all.  It is a very sloppy finish certainly not befitting a skirt at even the sale price.

Fresh Cut Skirt $70

I am wearing a size small here but would size down to a size XS if I were to purchase.  I love the detail at the waistband, the fact that the skirt is 100% cotton, and the ease of an elastic waist.  However, I did not love how poofy the skirt looked on me; I felt like it added a good 5-10 pounds which isn't the look I'm going for.  I would suggest sizing down if you want to order or try this skirt on.  A pass for me.


I left the Scalloped Strings Tank on to try these two items on so you could see the length (longer in back) and also because I knew a colored tank would be fantastic with the lace pullover.  I am wearing the size 0 in the pants (review below) and they were way too tight; I would stick to my normal size 2.

TOP:  I am wearing a size Small in the pullover and would stick with this (one size up) size to purchase because it gives room for layering without looking too big.  I looked at the other pullovers and didn't notice a snagging problem so I think the pullover is pretty sturdy though other bloggers noticed snagging issues so be sure to keep that in mind and look the top over thoroughly in-store before purchasing.  I love the lace pullover and think it would be a great addition to your summer wardrobe.  I think the price is pretty fair and love how it gives off a beachy-boho vibe.


TOP: LOVE this all cotton top by Maeve and I have it at the top of my wishlist.  I am wearing a size 2 here and find this to run TTS.  I love the adjustable waist with the tie-back, the keyhole in the front, and the flow of this top.  I love it with these pants and want this whole outfit. I like that the top isn't too short and the color is my favorite shade of green.  It's sold out online so I guess everyone else love it too.

PANTS: I'm wearing a size 2 in these photos and felt the pants run TTS.  They are really long though and even standing on my tippy toes were bunching up on the floor so if you are super tall these are great.  IF you are 5'7" like me or shorter you will need to hem them even for heels.  The color is a bright, saturated yellow and they are a sturdy linen material.  I'm sure they would stretch a little but I tried a size 0 and felt they would be way too tight even with some stretching out.  I would stick to your normal size here.  Love these pants and can see them paired with all sorts of tropical colors for summer wear.

Neo Halter Tank $90 & Starling Trousers $30 on second cut

TOP: The Neo Halter Tank is a lovely cotton tank with lovely details like the scooped back, detailed neckline, and pretty print.  The length is good and it runs TTS; I am wearing my usual size 2.  I am sorry the front picture is so blurry but I literally had like 2 minutes left to get out on time to be where I needed to be that day.  The length is good hitting mid-hip and the blouse fit perfectly everywhere.  Nothing wonky going on with sizing.  It's just really not my style though; whenever I buy black I almost never wear it so despite how lovely this top is it is not for me.

PANTS: My store had tons of these so I figured I would give them a whirl since they are priced so nice.  I actually ended up tanking them home with me but I'm not sure if I will keep or return.  They felt really nice though rode a little low on my hips.  I would have major plumber's crack if my top were not long enough.  However this style pant looks best with a really long top, tunic length really.  I found one tank in my wardrobe that looks great with it so far but nothing else is working.  Geez, I think I just talked myself out of these pants.  TTS here.  I put on five pounds so I'm kinda squeezed in a little tight but I'm losing the weight so they will fit properly at my normal weight (around 120#).  If you can find them in store give them a try because you may like them; they are well made and the birds are cute; they look nice with flats or heels and a long length flowy top.

That's it for reviews this week but I have plans to go in next week in search of many new items from the May catalog that have caught my eye.


  1. Thank you for these reviews--especially the lace pullover. I've been waiting to see it on a real person, and it looks just lovely on you!

  2. Thanks for the reviews! They're really helpful for us girls bound to online shopping, instead of visiting the mothership IRL.
    Have a great weekend!