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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Does it Work?

So, what fun is fashion if you can't have fun with it and take risks, right? Well, this outfit is definitely out of my comfort zone and while I love that I am trying to be fashion forward with the color mixing, booties with socks, and lots of elements of interest I think I may have gone overboard.  I would love to add a poll to this so I can get honest opinions but since I don't know how to do that, how about leaving your honest anonymous comment and letting me know if you think this outfit works and if you don't think it works tell me why.  Thanks!
Outfit details:
Top: Anthropologie Declarative Blouse
Skirt: Anthropologie Tile Quilted Mini
Shoes: Anthropologie Cider Press Clogs
Belt: Anthropologie Loose Ring Belt
Necklace and Socks are also Anthropologie (Hey!  My blog is called, "Anthropologie Uniform." :)


  1. I think this outfit totally works!! You look adorable Drew! I love socks with a cute Anthro outfit. I'm your first follower :)

    1. Thank you for being my first follower! I wasn't sure if I was lost our her in Blogger Land, haha. And thank you also for the compliment on the outfit. While it was outside of my comfort zone it was a lot of fun to put together.

  2. Hey, my new favorite colour combination is orange and lavender so this totally works for me! Socks take a certain amount of attitude but I think it works because they're boots- and I feel like the necklace pulls it all together somehow...

    Don't worry too much about comments- I think many people follow through readers where it's easier to browse than actually leave feedback! But rest assured- your reviews and sets will be well appreciated... :)

  3. I love those booties and socks! They add a very cool touch to the outfit. I have the same skirt and am kinda stumped on what to pair it with so thanks for the inspiration! It looks great!

  4. I like the outfit and you look great but for me personally I don't like too many things to match that could be distracting but that's just me but I do love the booties and socks.

  5. I love the bright socks with the shoes. The lime plays off the orange red of the skirt nicely. However I would choose either the top or the bottom to be the focal point, but not both. Right now there're just too many things going on. If you picked a shirt in the same color family as the skirt & necklace (like different shade of orange or a lighter red), your top half would act as one unit and would really highlight the pop of the socks. Or, even - maybe just wearing green flats w/o socks would simplify the bottom enough. I do like that you're branching out with outfits and are bold enough to share. Power to ya, gf!

  6. I love it on you. The whole outfit works and I love your honesty. Your adorable.

  7. I really like your socks with those clogs. I have those same clogs, but I didn't really know how to wear them. I like this look.