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Thursday, April 5, 2012

In Full Bloom

So, I've heard many a fashionistas convey their love of fall and winter for the shear pleasure of allowing more fashion options.  Layering, coats, hats, mittens, all add to the joy of dressing.  Not for me though.  I love spring and summer with the pastel colors, saturated tones, and simplicity of dressing.  I bind myself to dressing in seasonal colors so I'm sure this adds to my love of the warmer months.  My favorite colors are primary colors that are bold and saturated and the lighter tones that evoke spring.  I enjoy fall enough to have a nice collection of burnished tones and darker colors, but it's far from my favorite way to dress.  And,  I feel more like me in bright, tropical colors.  Today's outfit is a perfect reflection of my sunny disposition.  Turquoise and green are my favorite combo currently and I love a pop of yellow to really drive home the time of year.
Outfit details:
Top: Anthropologie Lettuce Florets Blouse
Cardigan: Anthropologie Guinevere Cropped Sweater
Pants: Anthropologie Leaving the station trousers
Shoes: Chie Mihara flats
Bracelet: Anthropologie Shell with Sterling Silver bracelet.

And now for a sad update on my shoes I posted about yesterday. I unfortunately received a cancellation notice on both pairs I ordered so it looks like these shoes weren't meant for me.  Oh well, plenty of other Chie Mihara's to fall in love with out there.

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