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Friday, April 6, 2012


I have several reviews to run through.  It is quite enlightening to see some of the clothes from different views on myself; I'm not sure I love the O by Organic dress now that I've seen the side view...  My current stats are as follows: height = 5'6.5" / weight = 119.5#, I am a petite build, long torso, 34 B bra, and I carry my weight in my legs; my arms and torso are my slimmest parts.

Anthropologie Melon Ball Dress

I need a pink dress in my life and I thought this one would work, though it did remind me of the 80's a wee bit with the black polka dots on bright pink.  I am wearing a size 0 here and since I'm normally a 2 this dress definitely runs big.  I have a long torso but the top is still too long; the shoulder straps need to be pulled up a good inch or so for this to sit right at the bust.  Other than that the waist was nice, though in need of a belt, the fabric is very sturdy, 100% cotton with cotton lining, machine washable, basically a dream in terms of construction minus the fit issue.  Sadly, this will be a return because the shoulder detail makes the dress too difficult for me to alter.  If I could get a 0P I would exchange but I think I missed the boat on this.

Textured Hoop Dress

This dress is made by O by Organic in organic cotton.  It is a very thick knit cotton that does not wrinkle easily and is machine washable.  No zippers or buttons, just throw this dress on over your head and go.  It is a very casual dress and not one to be dressed up do to the style, length, and print.  I am wearing an XS and found the fit to be good though a bit boxy.  My ample rear may not be best suited to this dress as you can see in the side view.  When I tried this on at home I found that it paired very nicely with several statement necklaces I own, however I doubt this is a dress that can be varied in terms of styling far from what you see here.  That may be somewhat part of the appeal as you won't have any thinking to do when you put this dress on.  I am still on the fence about this dress but ultimately I think I will return and reconsider if it makes it to sale.

Hanalei Buttondown, Floral & Summer Sounds Wide Legs

I own this blouse and I really love it.  I am wearing a size 2 and I think this fits TTS.  Like most buttondowns it is not meant to be really fitted, but a little loose which is what you see here.  I tried sizing down to a 0 but the arms were too tight so I stuck with my normal size.  It is slightly longer in the back and hits mid hip in the front.  The sleeves are bracelet length and look great rolled up if you want to show off the stripes.  There are also stripes on the collar and at insets on both sides.  I wear the heck out of buttondowns so this is a natural fit in my wardrobe.  You'll see it paired with shorter shorts, blazers, and cardigans in the coming months.

I bought the size 26 in these pants and I think they fit TTS with a little stretch by mid day.  These pants are 100% cotton, meant to be worn with flats due to the shorter inseam (31.5" regular), and are very comfortable.  The white do show the pockets but not like some white pants I've seen; it's very minimal here.  There is some wrinkling but nothing like a pair of linen pants, just enough to give an easy look.  I adore these pants and will be in the market for all of the other colors provided my budget affords it.

Cropped Lace Blouse

 "Hi, Free  People?  It's Drew.  You forgot your top at Anthropologie."  Yeah, I think this blouse would fit in better with its peers at Free People.  Perhaps the Peter Pan collar got it kicked out of the club?  I am intentionally not wearing this top with an undershirt so you can see just how cropped it is in the front.  I so wish the front were as long as the back since it may of been something I could work with, but despite the saturated green hue that makes me swoon we are not meant for each other.  I am wearing an XS (labeled P).  This top is 100% cotton but dry clean only; I suspect that a gentle wash would be fine in a pinch.  It is a heavier weight cotton and I would not be the least bit worried about snagging the lace/crochet detail because it is sturdy.  I tried this blouse on with tanks, short sleeve tops, my highest waisted trousers, nothing worked.  Back it goes though because of the shortcomings of this top I suspect it will make it to 2nd cuts.

 Great Outdoors Buttondown & Ridged Cream Crops

Here is another great buttondown option made in 100% cotton.  I love the bicycle print in this pretty orange hue that can look pinkish paired with the right items.  I went with my usual size 2 and found this blouse to have a very flattering fit with a little nip at the waist.  The sleeves fall just past the elbows and the length is equal front and back.  I bet you can wait for sale on this one though because I wear buttondowns all the time I don't mind paying full price here.  I will also add that this shirt washes well and comes out of the dryer without needing ironing unless you prefer a crisp look.

I am wearing a size 2 in these 100% cotton machine washable cropped pants.  I'm a mom so of course I need mom pants; don't these fit the bill?  They are a little different than your ordinary mom pants because they are orange and white pinstriped making them a happier, more modern look.  The fit is good, though a tad tight at my hips and they have a shorter rise meaning you risk plumber's crack when you are bending over or even sitting down.  They look great with the blouse though much too plain for my liking to wear as you see in the outfit above.  I think I may pass on these pants and get another pair of the wide legs instead which have an easier fit and feel to them.

Have I been thorough enough in my reviews? Let me know if you have any questions or if I'm missing important details.  Also, you can click on the photos for the larger image.  Thanks for looking!


  1. Cute new blog! And I love the reviews! I picked up the cute green top in store and realized just how midriff it would be, so reluctantly, I put it back. Looks cute on you, but not a very versatile piece for most. I also love those button downs, and will check them out on my next visit.

  2. Thanks for the review. I was curious about how the Textured Hoop Dress look myself.

  3. Great reviews Drew!! Thanks for sharing them with us. I felt the same way about the Textured Hoop Dress when I tried it on too. I love the floral blouse on you!!

  4. Thanks Drew!These are so helpful- and what's the deal with that cropped green blouse? It's so beautiful- why couldn't it just be a normal length!! Hey- maybe the price will get cut so low you can stick two together! I would totally get behind that...

  5. Thanks for reviewing the pink dress!! I agree with you, in theory the pink is sweet, but in execution it feels TOO sweet!
    Yey for starting the blog!

  6. Thank you for posting the fabric content! It's really helpful to folks like me who need to keep with the mostly natural/breathable stuff.

    Love the Textured Hoop dress on you, it's very "99" (from Get Smart, which I mean as a compliment). The print is lovely and though I'm prone to purchasing fitted pencil skirts and silk blouses, there's no denying that the sturdy cotton "throw-on" stuff gets a lot more mileage than dressier items.

    I also really like the blouse with the fun print. It's so nice when things are machine washable. No fuss, no muss. Or, in this situation, no fuss with the muss? You were smart to pass on the pants. Fit is everything, and so it's not worth it if it doesn't fit. Thanks for the reviews, Drew!

  7. Thanks for the comments, ladies! I am excited to have five followers!